ALCONF activity is the production of Windows, Doors, Curtain Walls, PVC and aluminum to European standards thus providing our partners in Italy, France, Spain, UK and especially in Romania complex products built with the latest equipment ensuring quality and nice design but also a satisfying sound and thermal insulation and meet customer demand .

WHY choose us ?

The major advantages offered by ALCONF are reliability, quality and efficiency of work, competitive pricing, plus bonuses and discounts on products ordered calculated when multiple orders .
We attach great importance that quality PVC and aluminum products have been approved nationally and internationally certified .
For a good communication as easy and as we have created a special page to ask online offer .

Whatever products you are interested, windows, doors, curtain walls our mission is to respond promptly to your requirements as far as even offering information and support while you ensure sustainability, good design and a thermal and sound insulation competitive price .

Materialelelor selection and quality componentelelor, importing them directly from the manufacturers and the special attention given by our manufacturing process, leading to the fulfillment concept to provide our customers with high quality and durability at the best prices . Thus, we have chosen suppliers of performance among companies in the field:
Teraplast and PVC Rehau profiles are recommended for many qualities such as good thermal and acoustic insulation, sturdiness, resistance, sealing, accessibility in terms of value for money, and Alprof (with and without thermal bridges . ) For aluminum which provides the best resistance to environmental factors, the easy maintenance, the richest palette and own strength metals, no need extra reinforcement - which prolongs the life of locking mechanisms and exert minimal pressure .
VORNE - ROTO hardware and allow the various ways of opening ( swing, dump, tilt & sliding ) and closings at several points, giving our products outstanding quality and safety seal.
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