ALCONF execute civil works, industrial and improve energy efficiency. A building must be a durable and well done, therefore, to be competitive in a market increasingly demanding we developed solid principles that we recommend for the execution of highly complex projects:
  • we never make compromise on quality
  • to keep prices at a low level
  • to encourage qualified workforce
  • to respecting deadlines for execution

With rich experience in civil engineering and an experienced construction team, execute various types of construction: from houses, duplexes, penthouses, to highly complex projects. The price is set before operation, and price/quality ratio is excellent. Construction of a house marks an important moment in the life of a family but also a considerable investment in the long term. Understanding the need to find a balance between the demands and personal needs and financial limitations of space, our company offers the best solutions for your projects.
Types of works in civil engineering:
  • individual houses
  • villas
  • vacation homes
  • duplexes
  • lined up houses
  • buildings (offices, apartments)

Our main objective is to provide optimal solutions, quality, in accordance with the wishes of the client, lead time and budget. Pay adequate attention to each element of construction. We guarantee excellent value for money. Payment shall be made on the extent of the construction. Meet the deadline for execution of works. We carry out the construction in a very short time without compromising quality. We provide site supervision during the entire construction process. Our staff consists of qualified people with vast experience in construction. We believe in the importance of ongoing communication with the client. Execution of the work will be done according to the rules and legislation. Execution of the work will be done according to the design and specifications

Our company provide advice and solutions in the planning, site selection, required documents, actual construction, technical assistance during the execution of construction, site preparation documentation for all incoming material ( concrete, steel, concrete, etc. ) being obligatoriii certificates compliance, quality and Testing laboratory approved .
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